About Us

We invite you to sample the most fascinating and superbly flavoured dishes of the East.

Our Indian Cuisine encompasses a wide range of delicacies from many parts of the country. Mild curries that are rich and creamy, or with tangy fruits, others hot with abundant chillies. Succulent vegetables and subtly flavoured pulses.

At most Indian meals, the main course is accompanied by side dishes of chapatis and breads, pickles, chutneys, cooling yoghurt and delicately spiced rice.

Our speciality is traditional tandoori cooking. Meat that has been marinated is cooked in seconds in the searing heat of the clay tandoor ovens.

The real secrets of our cuisine are the spices and herbs which enhance the flavour and also possess medicinal qualities. Only our chef's years of experience can create that subtle blend.

Indian food is an adventure, one which you can savour. So, if you're staying home or perhaps at work late, don't forget you can order our delicious food online for delivery.

We hope you enjoy your meal.